2015 Grenache

Napa Valley

Unfamiliar Truth

As convention is abandoned, the familiar succumbs to an ideal combination of soil, site, and climate, and an “Unfamiliar Truth” emerges - a wine that yearns to be contemplated and discussed.

16GRUT - Bottle Shot - Wood Background.jpg

Winegrowing Approach

Grenache is both challenging and rewarding because the resulting wine is so transparent to each winemaking and vineyard decision. These grapes were picked when tannins were rounded, but ample to create a firm structure. Whole cluster fermentation provides structure, flavor and aromas. We gently de-stemmed the remaining clusters to avoid crushing the berries.  To optimize color extraction, we chilled the juice and skins for seven days prior to starting fermentation. For further extraction during fermentation we applied punch-down, pump-over, and rack-and-return techniques.  After fermentation, we drained the "free run" wine into once-used French oak puncheons and gently pressed the remaining wine into a brand new puncheon. We continued to stir the lees weekly.  After malolactic fermentation was complete we racked off the thick, gross lees and topped up the barrels.  Eighteen months later we carefully bottled this beautiful Grenache.

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes

“Unfamiliar Truth” has a depth that keeps your nose in the glass.

Brimming with lush wild strawberries and rhubarb intertwined with spices of cardamom, white pepper and all spice. Hints of vanilla give way to an almost meatiness to the wine. On the palate the flavors continue and are complemented with a richness of glycerin that gives weight without being cloying. The finish is of firm, but fine tannins, and evidence of subtle oak.

Although drinking wonderfully now, it will absolutely reward the
patience of someone that can let it age for another four to ten years.


Technical Information

  • Elevation: 900 feet above sea level

  • Soil: Alluvial Mayacamas loam

  • Slope and Aspect: East facing, 20-30% slope, terraced

  • Farming: Sustainable, organic practices, all by hand

  • Fermentation: 70% destemmed (young vine) and 30% whole cluster (mature vine), 7-day cold soak, 9-day fermentation, 12-day post-fermentation maceration

  • Aging: Once used French oak Puncheons (500 liter) for 20 months, racked once

  • Production: 100 cases bottled July 26th, 2017, not fined with very light filtration

  • Alcohol: 15.4%