The Story of CHIRON

CHIRON and the Concept of Winegrowing

Wine is a magnificent creation formed by the union of nature with culture. To symbolize this idea, we chose the centaur, Chiron, and included a stylized key, the astrological symbol for Chiron, to represent the “I.”

Our approach to making wine parallels this link between nature and culture.  We nurture relationships with passionate farmers who share our love of living soils that grow the best grapes. In the winery we foster the wine, using minimal intervention, to best express the vineyards. We use the term, winegrowing to describe this method of making wine.

In 2015 we made a commitment to the CHIRON concept to begin to share our passion with the people around us who love exploring nature, other cultures, different cuisines, and provocative wines.


…all that is raw in nature and refined with culture…

Here’s to Friends and Family!

Mark McCoy, Co-founder and General Manager

Bobby Moy, Co-founder and Winemaker