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Bobby Moy - Winemaker

Growing up in wine country, I have never been far from the vine, I was fascinated with winegrowing from an early age. Originally, I pursued my passion for wines as a Sommelier, and became familiar with the wines of the world. But after working several harvests on the central coast of California, I soon realized I was much more fulfilled when surrounded by vines and barrels. Sensing that it must be done, I decided to go back to college for winemaking.

My love for the outdoors and Pinot Noir led me to Oregon State University. Upon graduation, I moved back home to the Napa Valley and worked for three years under the tutelage of some of Napa’s most famed winemakers and with some very special Grenache and Cabernet grapes. That’s when Chiron began. For my tenth grape harvest I was able to talk my dad out of retirement and into starting a winery. 

I approach winemaking as an art form with its roots in science. Influenced by the terroir, I balance my understanding of traditional and contemporary winemaking methods to produce an authentic expression of the site. With this philosophy, Mark and I strive to produce wines with a sense of place and balanced tension that engage the mind and beg to be shared. 

I spend most of my time in the Napa Valley, living in Calistoga with my amazing wife, Tiana, and our two dogs. However, in the pursuit of my own balance and happiness, I am often far astray from the Napa Valley exploring the wilderness in search for remote places to fly-fish, backpack, and camp under the stars.