Mark & Jackie McCoy

Mark McCoy

Initially, I thought that wine was, well, just wine - until I began experimenting with different wine varietals and brands. I came to realize that some wines offer much more than others, with so many engaging aromas, flavors, textures, and other sensations. 

Over the course of this evolution of wine appreciation I began to ponder the idea of growing my own grapes and making wine.  My wife and I bought a home near Napa that had a small vineyard on it and later a home in Napa Valley where I planted a small vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. I worked in the vineyards taking care of the vines for more than 5 years. During that period, I learned much about the vineyards’ growing cycle, weather, canopy management, irrigation, pruning, harvesting, and, of course, pests. I was able to do this work with help from consultants and coursework at UC Davis, Napa Valley College, and Sonoma State University.  I learned a lot about where wine begins, as well as the care and attention required to produce grapes, the most important step in the winegrowing process.

Our interest in wine ultimately led us to 2015 when we started CHIRON with our son, Bobby Moy, who with more than ten years working in wine cellars and a degree in food science technology (enology and viticulture), had committed himself to a career in winemaking.  Bobby is smart, focused, creative, and has an amazing palate. Judging by how much everyone is enjoying our wines, we are off to a great start. 

Our passion today is to create the best possible wine experience for you.  Jackie and I have an appreciation for expressive and complex wines, and we hope you will enjoy CHIRON as much as we do.